Matt And Jeff Hardy Aren’t Expected To Go To WWE ‘Any Time Soon’

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03.06.17 6 Comments


Besides WWE’s Fastlane pay-per-view, the big news of the weekend was Matt and Jeff Hardy popping up at a Ring of Honor New York City show to capture some gold and announce that they’ve signed with the company. They were rumored as being likely to sign with WWE, and when Matt Hardy said on Saturday they would be with Ring of Honor up until WrestleMania weekend, fans assumed the deal might end there.

But it seems that may not be the case, and the Hardys may now be expected to be on a long-term deal with ROH.

On late Saturday/early Sunday’s episode of Wrestling Observer Radio, Dave Meltzer provided some clarification about the Hardys in ROH. He says that going to WWE was a serious consideration, but overall, it just made more sense — personally and professionally — for them to sign with Ring of Honor.

“I knew it was serious that they might leave and go to WWE, but I always had the feeling in my gut that they really don’t want that schedule. Although I do know that Jeff has talked about wanting one more run there, but he hasn’t talked about that lately. And I know they were very happy doing the [Broken] gimmick together and everything.

“The reason I didn’t think they would go to Ring of Honor after the TNA thing fell through, was Ring of Honor is not a place where they spend big money on talent. I mean, they’re spending more now than before, but the Hardys is a different level. [With] the Young Bucks, yeah, they gave the Young Bucks a great deal, but the Young Bucks are like Ring of Honor-style wrestlers, and it’s being augmented with New Japan money, and it makes sense for the Young Bucks, with their situation, to be doing this deal. But with the Hardys, you’re talking about a different level of money than [ROH] has ever offered anyone.”

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