Rob Gronkowski Did A Steve Austin Double-Beer Chug During The Patriots’ Super Bowl Parade

Rob Gronkowski is a huge wrestling fan. It is known. One of his best friends is Smackdown’s Mojo Rawley, who claims that Gronkowski is “dying” to step into a WWE ring himself one day. So it should come as no surprise that — although Gronk wasn’t able to help the Patriots win Super Bowl LI due to an injury — he would channel one of the biggest wrestling stars of all time during his team’s championship celebration.

During the Patriots’ Super Bowl championship parade on Tuesday, Gronk kept getting beers tossed to him by the revelers, who are happy to give free beers to people as long as they’ve brought sports glory to the city. Since Gronkowski is a longtime pro wrestling fan, he did what anyone would do when they find themselves atop a slowly moving vehicle while a bunch of people are looking at them hold two beers: he did the Steve Austin double-chug.

Great form. It’s only the real deal if the beer gets all over the front of you — real wrestling fans know that — and Rob delivered. Well done. By the way, you know you’re in Boston when you’re in a sea of people all drunkenly yelling “GRONK! GRONK GRONK! GROOOOONKKKKK! GROOOOOOOOOONK!” It just happens. There doesn’t even have to be a parade or anything.

Gronk also performed his own trademark move — the Gronk spike — on a different beer at another point in the parade, but it’s far less cool or memorable.

Stick with the wrestling references, Gronk. Everyone knows that’s where the real money is.

Yeah, that’s the stuff. Good, good.