Watch Rob Gronkowski Play Truth Or Dare About A Career With WWE

Patriots tight end Rob Gronkowski and Emmy-winning sports personality Katie Nolan are two of my favorite products of New England (for admittedly drastically different reasons). I would watch these two do pretty much anything outside of their day jobs, so them playing mini golf and talking about wrestling is basically the dream.

Nolan got him to open up about whether or not he’d ever give being a WWE Superstar a try. While he’s gone back and forth about it before, the game of Truth or Dare is legally binding, so, you know, he kind of has to admit he would. Gronk faithfully puts over NXT’s Mojo Rawley — his Hype Bro-FF and fellow booze cruiser — before giving us a preview of what his finisher would be. I’m gonna go out on a limb and say that, with the growing concern over concussions in WWE, that one might have to be workshopped a bit.

While I’m not usually a fan of non-wrestlers stepping inside a WWE ring, I too must admit that my fascination with this football-playing Muppet come to life only has room to grow. I mean, I did secretly re-name my ex-roommate’s cat after him (or rather his Kitten Bowl representative, to be more accurate). And hey, if Snooki can pick up a WrestleMania win, why not Gronk?