Ronda Rousey Denies She’ll Be Making A Much-Rumored Appearance At The Royal Rumble


Everyone is buzzing about Ronda Rousey making her WWE return at the Royal Rumble on January 28th. Major news outlets have been talking about a deal being imminent since December, and super-insider Dave Meltzer relayed news that he heard Rousey is set to win the historic first women’s version of the Rumble.

The only person saying otherwise? Ronda Rousey herself. And we gotta admit: she sounds pretty convincing.

“I’m actually leaving for Columbia right now to finish shooting Mile 22, and I won’t be back til mid-February,” she told TMZ Sports while literally at the airport to catch her flight.

“No I haven’t signed anything, regardless to what anyone said, no pen to paper for me. I’m fortunate enough to be able to choose what I do with my time rather than going from one necessity to another, so I’m just having a lot of fun doing this and learning how to work some M4 [machine guns], so yeah!”

Mile 22 is the often delayed Mark Wahlberg action flick about a CIA agent tasked with getting an informant out of Indonesia after their cover is blown. Rousey has been signed on forever, although there were rumors her role was shrunk due to concerns about her acting ability. But keep in mind there’s also all these rumors that Ronda is gonna crush at the Royal Rumble, so obviously you need to take all these crazy stories about her with a grain of salt.