Twitter Had A Lot Of Fun With Ronda Rousey’s SummerSlam Eye Makeup


Ronda Rousey will look to get revenge on Alexa Bliss at SummerSlam, after Bliss interrupted Rousey’s first ever title match at Money in the Bank by cashing in her briefcase while Rousey had Nia Jax in an armbar.

The camera cut to Rousey in the locker room during the SummerSlam preshow, showing how focused she was and just generally being menacing. However, while the idea was to show how intimidating she was, it was her eye makeup that had the biggest impact on viewers as her extreme eye shadow, which is a departure from her typical in-ring look, immediately brought out the Twitter jokes.

When done well, a good game of “Who they look like?” can provide some of the best Twitter nights and WWE Twitter was on top of their game with Rousey. For many, Rousey’s look immediately called back to Mac as “Nightman” from It’s Always Sunny In Philadelphia, and to be honest it’s a pretty fantastic comparison.

The other most popular comp for Rousey’s look was that she was giving off extreme Natalie Portman in Black Swan vibes, which, again, is a pretty fair comparison of the look.

There were also plenty of others that went with more unique and obscure jokes.

That early look in the locker room wasn’t the finished product, as she came out for her title match against Alexa Bliss like this.