Feast Your Eyes On These Handsome ‘Rusev Day’ Custom Jordan XIIIs

First and foremost, Happy Rusev Day to you and yours. ‘Tis the season, etc.

The professional wrestling business works in mysterious ways. For reasons you really can’t put into words, Rusev and Aiden English have uncovered something truly special with their new Rusev Day schtick. Rusev was always great, mind you, but something about the pairing with English, along with the simplicity of the Rusev Day catchphrase, is really clicking with the WWE audience.

You could argue that Rusev and English have been the best part of SmackDown programming for the last month, and that isn’t just because Smackdown has been very hit or miss recently. WWE has seemingly set Rusev free from the Bulgarian Brute burden, and are allowing him to show more of his silly, over-the-top personality you can catch a glimpse of on social media from time to time. If you haven’t seen his WWE 2K18 unboxing from a few months back, for example, he’s basically playing that character on WWE TV now full-time, with English as his sidekick, and it’s fantastic.

Rusev Day is making headlines outside of the WWE world, too. Mache Customs, a well-known custom-everything designer with a particular focus on shoes, revealed a pair of Rusev Day custom Jordan XIIIs he made for the man himself, and they are wonderful. Make sure you turn the sound up on the video below for a wonderful Rusev edition of Shawn Michaels’ “Sexy Boy” theme.

Mache always does excellent work, but these Rusev Day kicks are particularly good.

In somewhat-related Rusev news, his new Rusev Day shirt is completely sold out on WWE.com. Between that fat merch bonus and his new custom Jordans, Christmas will truly be Rusev Day come early. Or late? Or right on time, technically? The frequency and timeliness of Rusev Day is hard to pin down.