Rusev Had The Best ‘WWE 2K18’ Unboxing Video, And It’s Not Even Close

First and foremost, Rusev is a delight. If you follow him on social media, you probably already knew that, but in the off chance that you don’t, it’s important that we establish this before we jump into the greatest unboxing video your eyes will ever see. Rusev rules.

WWE 2K18 released to the masses on October 13th. We’ve had our own special kind of fun with the game so far, but Rusev is the clear winner when it comes to WWE 2K18-related content. We’re OK giving him that honor.

“Your boy” Rusev got himself a special edition of WWE 2K18 from his “best friend” John Cena, who he has been close with “since day one.” It’s all uphill from there. (Thanks to an intrepid Redditor for providing a rip of this video.)

Rusev is so good at whatever unique brand of comedy this is. Despite the fact that I know he’s joking, a part of me still gets lost in his sincerity. He’s a genius. Rusev is a genius. The transcript is almost as funny as the footage.

“Alright, special day today. Big day for WWE 2K18! And of course, your boy Rusev has his copy, of course. Special edition that is. I’m not done yet, Instagram cut me off. Anyways, so, I, have my special edition as I said. In the mail. It came today. Boom!

Shout out to my best friend John Cena for sending me his own personal 15-year copy. Me and John are very close friends, since day one, since WrestleMania in San Francisco, that’s why he sent me this copy. So once again, thank you WWE 2K, thank you 2K Sports, thank you John Cena for sending me your own personal stuff! I have, like, toys that I can play with. Thank you!

But you know what we’re going to do? We’re going to open this box and see what’s in it. Oh, what’s in the box? It’s nobodies head, I hope. Let’s see. Oh my god, it’s John, Cena, Nuff. Whatever Nuff means. And it’s something else! Would you look at that? My very own John Cena signature! With Charles ‘lil naitch’ Robinson.

Also, again, we said toy, we have the game with Seth, kudos to you. So, that’s it. That’s what I got in my special package from John. John, thank you very much for personally signing your picture for me. I love you, I miss you, and good luck.”

Needless to say, this video leaves the New Day’s unboxing video in the dust, but you can compare for yourself.

WWE has hundreds of shows on the WWE Network. What do we have to do to get Rusev his own show unboxing things? Can we at least put it on YouTube? Look, if Xavier Woods gets to have his own YouTube channel playing video games, it’s only fair that we give Rusev an outlet for his art.