Sami Zayn Talked About His Character Being In Flux Right Now

Senior Editor, Sports
08.24.17 9 Comments

In recent months, Sami Zayn has been doing what he generally does: taking Ls and being totally fine with that. He’s also been demonstrating some … let’s just say, more nebbish-y character traits as of late, and some wrestling fans have been concerned about the direction Zayn seems to be headed. Or not headed, as the case may be. He wasn’t part of the 13-match SummerSlam card, he’s not in a feud or a title pursuit at the moment, and everyone in backstage treatments treats him like a huge nerd.

But he is, of course, taking it all in stride. You would expect no less from the last remaining good guy in all of professional wrestling.

During a recent appearance on Sam Roberts’ podcast, he addressed the criticisms of his new, nebbish character that annoys some fans, and talked about how his WWE character is at sort of a crossroads for the time being. (Transcript via Wrestling Inc.)

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