Sami Zayn On The Disconnect Between NXT And WWE, And How Hard It Is To Be Good

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04.11.17 7 Comments

The first thing we did when With Spandex arrived in Orlando for WrestleMania week was stop by the Englewood Neighborhood Center to watch Ember Moon, Titus O’Neil and Sami Zayn play dodgeball with a bunch of happy kids. As you might imagine, Sami blended into the crowd of kids perfectly.

We managed to get a few moments to talk to Zayn between the dodgeball festivities and pizza party as part of WWE Community Caravan to talk pro wrestling philosophy, the disconnect between NXT and the WWE main roster, and how hard it is to make your character a good person when everyone else is going crazy. If you even get five minutes in your life to talk philosophy with Sami Zayn, we recommend it.

Here’s what the Underdog from the Underground had to say.

With Spandex: How’s it going, man?

Sami Zayn: I’m pretty good, you know.

Killing it in dodge ball in there.

I got killed in dodge ball, I don’t know about … I got eliminated, like, three or four times. And, between you and me, one of those times, I just snuck back in. I saw Titus cleaning house, I said, this ain’t right. The kids need a WWE rep … Yeah man. What’s wrong with him? He had a full sweat. And, not only that, but like, he was whipping that ball. And then, he whipped the ball, he’d get a kid, and he’d scream, “you’re out of here.”

We got a good video of that.

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