One Possible Reason Samoa Joe Turned Face And Then Heel Again On Raw

08.13.19 7 days ago


Samoa Joe’s behavior has been a little confusing lately. When Roman’s car was hit by another car on Raw last week, Joe went from wanting to beat up Roman himself to getting him help and making sure he was okay. Then last night on Raw, after the Street Profits tricked Sami Zayn into insulting him while he was right behind Zayn, Joe challenged Sami to a match, which he quickly won with the Coquina Clutch. By this point, given what a hateable character Sami’s playing these days, it really seemed like Joe had fully turned face. Then he took a mic and cut a pure heel promo, even running down the crowd and telling them they’re not forgiven for thinking the worst of him. So apparently Samoa Joe’s the new Big Show, but what was the point?

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