Update On Sasha Banks’ Injury From Hell In A Cell

Earlier this week we shared a news bit about how Raw Women’s Championship challenger Sasha Banks suffered an undisclosed injury, thought to be a back injury, at Sunday’s Hell in a Cell pay-per-view.

In an update posted to PWInsider, it’s been clarified and confirmed that the injury banks received was actually an injured tailbone. From the update:

PWInsider.com has since confirmed that Banks actually suffered a tailbone injury, which is why she has been removed from active competition. There is no word yet on a timetable for her return.

We can’t confirm when the injury happened during the match, but we imagine it had something to do with the finish, which involved Banks being Bexploder suplexed off the top rope onto a bed of steel chairs, tailbone first. If not that, maybe she took a bad fall getting dropkicked off a makeshift lifeguard chair made out of kendo sticks wedged into the mesh of the Hell in a Cell.

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We’ll keep you updated on any news of the severity of the injury or when she might return to the ring, but we certainly wish her a speedy recovery. A WWE ring with Sasha Banks inside of it is better without her.