Here’s What We Know About Who’s Injured After Hell In A Cell

WWE likes to sell Hell in a Cell on its danger, and its potential for career-ending mayhem (which makes it that much weirder when the ref stops the match due to the level of violence). That makes it hard to take at face value sometimes when reports come out about the injuries suffered in Hell in a Cell matches, because you’re never sure what’s kayfabe and what’s real (but then, that’s pretty much always true). Nevertheless, more details emerged today about two superstars who were reportedly injured in the Cell Sunday night, and what appears to be going on with them.

Bray Wyatt, who laid in the middle of the ring while Seth Rollins hit him with a whole lot of stuff, was not cleared to wrestle at Raw last night, according to POST Wrestling and others. However, he appeared after the show went off the air to attack Cesaro, which jibes with Dave Meltzer at the Wrestling Observer reporting that his injury is “not serious.”

However, Sasha Banks was also listed as not cleared last night, and unlike Bray she wasn’t seen anywhere near the show. Meltzer says that nobody will tell him the nature of her injury, but that it’s not a concussion. PWInsider, on the other hand, is saying she suffered a back injury, although we still don’t have any idea how serious it might be. Hopefully she’ll be back in action soon, so she can recover her recent momentum after the loss to Becky.