Don’t Panic: Sasha Banks Is Injured, But Should Be Back Soon

It’s being reported that Sasha Banks suffered a head injury during live tapings, and here, please take this complimentary paper bag to breathe into while we explain that it’s not as bad as initially thought.

With WWE only now starting to see returns from the rash of serious injuries that have been plaguing them since last year, the news of yet another injury is enough to immediately send any wrestling fan into a frenzy of worry. While it was initially said that Sasha Banks was being kept away from the ring due to storyline reasons, on Saturday Squared Circle Sirens noted that was indeed false, and she was pulled due to an injury that occurred in the ring at a WWE Live event on May 15.

Dave Meltzer of the Wrestling Observer confirmed that Banks was pulled after a referee accidentally kneed her in the head:

Our sources say that Banks did indeed suffer a concussion, and her next evaluation is set for Saturday. It’s anticipated that she’ll pass and be cleared to return to the ring after that. Concussions are tricky, so hopefully that’s the case and she’ll be back soon. Unless it’s a major injury, WWE is actively trying to keep minor injuries as quiet as possible so people don’t freak the eff out, because right now nobody has any reason not to freak the eff out when they hear about another injury. That said, I stand by my case to wrap her in bubblewrap for the next, I dunno, forever probably.