Watch Seth Rollins Make His Long-Awaited Return To WWE

After what feels like literally forever, Seth Rollins is finally back. The former WWE World Heavyweight champ showed up at the end of Extreme Rules, catching Roman Reigns off guard after his match against AJ Styles. Rollins then Pedigreed Reigns because he is really great and oh man have we missed seeing him on TV every week.

Rollins was sidelined after a freak injury back in November 2015 at a WWE Live event in Dublin. He tweaked his knee while trying to counter a superplex from Kane of all people, if saying the date alone didn’t already make that feel like an eternity ago. Rollins would walk (limp?) away with a torn ACL and MCL, and damaged his medial meniscus.

Rollins would undergo surgery on his right knee shortly thereafter, before beginning the long road to recovery. That also meant vacating his WWE World Heavyweight Championship. The tournament that ensued saw Roman Reigns pick up the title after defeating fellow former Shield BFF Dean Ambrose during the final of a championship tournament.

Vince McMahon confirmed that four major WWE Superstars would be making their return soon, but come on. We all know that with Cesaro already back, this is the most important one. I guess Unicorn Magic really works!