The nWo Reunited To Help Scott Steiner Open A Shoney’s

One of our favorite and most bizarre ongoing stories is the transformation of Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner from genetic Freakzilla to mild-mannered local restauranteur.

To put a bow on that — or a tie, I guess — here’s a photo of a solid collection of former New World Order members (and the other Steiner brother) showing up in Georgia for the grand opening of Steiner’s Shoney’s.

There’s so much to love in those pictures. The Outsiders! Jeff Jarrett trying to figure out how to add Shoney’s to Global Force! Buff Bagwell looking weirdly tanned! MATH TEACHER SCOTT STEINER. YOU HAVE A 133 1/3% CHANCE OF ENJOYING THIS BREAKFAST BUFFET.

Back in October, Steiner announced that he’d be opening a Shoney’s franchise in Acworth, Georgia, by putting his brother slash tag team partner Rick into the bucket of a bulldozer and driving it into a pre-existing Shoney’s. If you missed that, you can watch it here.

Earlier this week, Steiner was identified as a “man who owns a restaurant” (and nothing else, not even a Big Bad Booty Daddy) in a local news story about an attempted murder at a Hardee’s.

We will of course keep you updated on any and all developments in the lifespan of the world’s most interesting Shoney’s.