Big Poppa Pump Scott Steiner Witnessed An Attempted Murder At A Hardee’s

WCW and WWE legend Scott Steiner has been involved in a lot of crazy situations over the years, from threatening Hulk Hogan’s life and being banned from a Hall of Fame ceremony to destroying a Shoney’s with a bulldozer with his brother in the bucket. That was to build a different Shoney’s on top of it, if you missed it.

Recently, Steiner was a witness in an attempted murder in Acworth, Cherokee County, Georgia, and was interviewed about it on the local news. According to the report, what initially looked like a road rage dispute turned out to be a guy chasing another guy into a Hardee’s and trying to shoot him to death. The good news is that the victim is going to be okay. Steiner described it as a, “once in a lifetime” thing, and describes Acworth as a “pretty mellow place.”

The best part of the video is the reporter having no idea who Scott Steiner is, and identifying him as, “a man who owns a restaurant.” That joins “Big Poppa Pump” and “lover of Shoney’s” on the short list of the best ways anyone’s ever described Scott Steiner. I wish they’d have credited him as “Freakzilla, Witness.”