Watch WWE’s Seth Rollins Save Mount Rushmore Using Isotopes Or Whatever In ‘Sharknado 4’

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08.01.16 8 Comments

If you missed the world premiere of SyFy’s Sharknado 4, aka Sharknado: The 4th Awakens, you missed a number of pivotal moments in the history of film. Carrot Top as an Uber driver who gets crushed by a shark, for example. Gilbert Gottfried screaming “COWNADO” and Chippendales dancers deflecting thrown sharks with pelvic thrusts, for others.

Most importantly, you missed former WWE Champion Seth Rollins as “Agent Lopez,” saving Mt. Rushmore by … using isotopes? And promising to “superkick that storm back to the Dark Ages!”

It might be the worst acting performance ever captured on film, but it’s also in the middle of the fourth Sharknado film, so I don’t know, maybe it’s brilliant? Judge for yourself:

Did Seth Rollins just get out-acted by Lloyd Kaufman?

Anyway, if you enjoy watching Rollins keep flaming tornado sharks out of George Washington’s nostril using science, he’s set to be one of the leads in the upcoming WWE Studios feature Temple. If you haven’t read about that, Gene Simmons from KISS decided to remake the first Resident Evil movie with Seth Rollins and Wesley Snipes. Hopefully it’ll be a huge hit and we’ll get the proper followup, The Shield Meets the Phantom of the Park.

Join us next Summer for our post on Sharknado 5, aka 5harknado, in which Roman Reigns saves the world from electrified ebola sharks and gets booed for it.

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