Seth Rollins Suffered A Minor Injury Over The Weekend, Had His Match Pulled From Raw

If you were wondering why Seth Rollins had his fingers taped up during his dramatic van reveal and promo on Monday night’s Raw, it turns out that the Voice of the Voiceful suffered a minor injury at a WWE live event over the weekend.

Per Ye Olde Observer Newsletter, Rollins injured his finger on Sunday, causing a proposed match for Monday night to be scrapped at the last minute. It also helps explains why a Seth Rollins vs. Kevin Owens rivalry has been a focal point of Raw despite no match being announced for Sunday’s sparsely booked TLC pay-per-view.

Seth Rollins suffered a broken little finger in a street fight match with Erick Rowan on Sunday night in Augusta, Georgia and was pulled from a match on last night’s Raw.

Rollins was originally scheduled to work a match on Raw last night against Cedric Alexander. There was talk of him doing a match with Kevin Owens at TLC on Sunday but that match was never finalized and as of this morning was not on updated listings for the card.

While the Observer doesn’t mention it directly, it’s safe to say the finger injury can be blamed on you, the WWE Universe.