Vince McMahon Reportedly Hasn’t Booked Most Of WWE TLC Yet

With just over a week to go, we haven’t heard much about what to expect at WWE’s Tables, Ladders, and Chairs PPV on December 15th. Certainly on Raw and Smackdown there’s been a general escalation in the kind of object-based violence that tends to lead up to WWE TLC, but so far it hasn’t led to the official booking of matches as we might expect. From what we’re hearing today, it sounds like that’s not a coincidence, and may continue to be the way of things in WWE going forward.

The Wrestling Observer Newsletter reports that Vince McMahon simply hasn’t made most of the final decisions on what matches will be a part of TLC. WON says there are three matches that are planned for the PPV, although even those haven’t been announced on TV yet. Most likely those are the same three matches that have been advertised locally by the Target Center in Minneapolis:

  • Bobby Lashley versus Rusev
  • WWE Women’s Championship TLC Match: Asuka and Kairi Sane versus Charlotte Flair and Becky Lynch
  • Roman Reigns versus King Corbin

As for the rest of the card, it seems Vince is comfortable booking it at the last minute. According to WON, McMahon’s new outlook on things is that PPVs exist to boost WWE Network signups, and when people sign up to watch a specific show, they don’t do it until the last day before the show happens. Therefore, according to WON’s theory on McMahon’s thinking, there’s no need to announce matches for the PPV very far in advance.