WWE’s Seth Rollins Is The Star Of A New Pop-Punk Music Video

Seth Rollins has long been a supporter of the modern punk/emo/metal scene. His playlist is full of Paramore, A Day To Remember, and Killswitch Engage, and he takes every opportunity he can to put over midwestern metalcore legends Misery Signals — basically, if it was on Warped Tour, it’s likely the Monday Night Messiah bumps it on the reg. It’s probably why he’s not welcome at country music festivals, frankly.

So when he was approached by up-and-coming Australian pop-punk act Trophy Eyes to star in the “lyric visual video” (aka a music video in which the band doesn’t have to actually do anything) for their new song “Figure Eight,” he presumably jumped at the chance. (In fact, he probably synchronize-jumped in place with the band for three minutes straight, but that’s neither here nor there.)

If you’re looking for three-and-a-half minutes of Rollins lip syncing along to an Anberlin-esque slab of emotional pop-punk about a relationship ending, look no further (unless you’re Becky Lynch, in which case, awkward). Also, there’s a saxophone solo:

The footage appears to have been shot at a house show in Sunrise, Florida, last year, while Rollins was still Universal Champion. Highlights include the champ big-timing the metal detector when walking into the arena, as well as accidentally revealing the secret to his shiny hair: Argan Oil of Morocco Conditioner!

Via YouTube

Trophy Eyes’ “Figure Eight” is out now via Hopeless Records.