Seth Rollins Loves Daniel Bryan So Much, He’d Trust Him With His Dog

06.10.16 3 years ago 4 Comments

Seth Rollins is a noted champion. Not only has he held the WWE World Heavyweight title and WWE Tag Team titles, he’s also the With Spandex Champion of Puppies, which really is what is important here.

Rollins recently got an adorable kitten to go along with his precious Yorkie, Kevin, but unfortunately with Rollins out on the road delivering pedigrees five days a week, he’s not always around to watch his best buddies. Thankfully, he has someone in mind that he trusts to take care of them when he’s away.

Rollins recently appeared on an episode of Talk is Jericho (the same one when he said Bret Hart hurt his feelings) and the former Shield member revealed that he was extremely bummed out to have missed Daniel Bryan’s retirement speech on Raw, as Bryan was one of his favorite guys in the business. While everyone knows how great Bryan was in the ring, Rollins made sure to note that he was equally awesome in real life, saying that he was one of the very few people in the world he trusts to look after Kevin.

“For anybody that has ever met him, and knows him, he’s literally the greatest human being. So awesome and nice and funny and just a stand up dude. You could trust him with your kids, with your house, literally anything. Like, I would let him watch my dog and I don’t let a lot of people watch my dog, so he’s just awesome, 100%.”

With Bryan and his wife Brie Bella now both officially retired, they have plenty of time to set up play dates between Kevin and their famous french bulldog Josie.

(Via Wrestling Inc)

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