Seth Rollins’ Raw Reunion Spot Was Reportedly Intended For A Different Superstar


As recounted in this week’s Best and Worst, among the many Legends spots on last night’s WWE Raw Reunion was one in which Triple H and Shawn Michaels, representing D-Generation X, helped Seth Rollins fend off the Club (now called the OC), and were then joined by more members of DX as well as the Outsiders. The idea seemed to be that Seth Rollins would look cool by hanging out with a bunch of old guys who were cool 20 years ago, but whether that actually works or not is a discussion I’ll leave for elsewhere.

According to Dave Meltzer on Wrestling Observer Radio, the role Seth played in this segment was originally intended for Ricochet. Unfortunately, Ricochet is suffering from an elbow injury that, according to Meltzer, is infected. He wrestled as recently as this past Sunday’s house show, so it’s apparently a recent development, although it sounds like it might be the infection that’s new, rather than the injury itself. There’s no word yet on how long Ricochet will be out.

It’s a good sign for how the company views Ricochet, if they were planning to give him that rub. Indeed, Meltzer says that new Raw Executive Director Paul Heyman has big plans for Ricochet. Hopefully he recovers and makes it back soon, and when he does that enthusiasm is waiting for him.