Sexy Star’s Statement On What Happened At TripleMania Will Only Make Things Worse

Over the weekend, former Lucha Underground Champion Sexy Star became the talk of the wrestling world when she appeared to intentionally injure one of her opponents, Rosemary, during the finish of the Reina de Reinas Championship match at AAA TripleMania XXV. The outcry from fans, wrestlers and even several of Sexy’s co-workers and peers has ranged from, “that was the most unprofessional thing I’ve ever seen,” to, “Sexy Star should be barred from wrestling forever.” A lot people viewed the moment as Sexy sinking her entire decade-plus wrestling career with a single armbar.

Sexy Star popped up on the Mexican reality show Bailadísimo to issue her first public statement since the incident, and … it’s a doozy. It might be the least apologetic apology you’ve ever read. Her point seems to be, “bad things have ALSO happened to me, what about that?” And we’re all standing here like, “you tried to break a lady’s arm on purpose while she was trusting you not to do that, and she wasn’t even the one that pissed you off.”

Here’s the statement in full (thanks to a translation from Fightful)

These past days have been very difficult for me. On Saturday, I had a championship match and it was rough. I think everything just got out of hand. I don’t know, it’s a situation that, right now, I’m still a bit confused about. I want to remain silent for the time being and when the time comes, I will touch upon this topic.

Men and women want to end me, retire me from the sport. I’m here like I said from the beginning and I won’t stop representing all the women that have been mistreated and abused physically and psychologically.

I have to be stronger. At one time, I went through depression and I managed to get out of that predicament and I will get out of this one as well.

I was doing what I felt needed to be done, what people deserve and that is to fight tooth and nail to the end. That’s what happened and I made her surrender. It seems that [Rosemary] is injured. I just don’t know. That’s the only thing I can say.

There are probably other things you can say.

Here’s the video of the clip.

And here are a few social media responses to the statement, to give you the general vibe on where we’re all at.

So, what’re the chances Lucha Underground kills off Sexy Star in an off-season comic book?