Sexy Star Pissed Off The Wrestling World This Weekend, And Here’s What You Need To Know

08.28.17 2 years ago 32 Comments

There was a crazy incident at Saturday’s AAA TripleMania XXV event in Mexico City, Mexico, during a four way women’s match for the company’s Reina de Reinas Championship. The women in the match were champion Sexy Star, who is best known from Lucha Underground, Rosemary from Global Force Wrestling, Ayako Hamada and Lady Shani. There have been several reports about what happened during the match, but the general consensus is that Sexy Star purposely attempted to injure Rosemary during the finish of the match.

According to PWInsider, Lady Shani and Sexy Star were legitimately shooting on each other during the match, which means they were going off script and trying to hurt one another. Sexy Star must have been upset about it and then did the wrong thing by taking it out on Rosemary, slapping on an armbar for the finish and continuing to perform the hold after the match was over. It’s a very unprofessional thing to do, and considered a big no-no in wrestling.

The report from PWInsider noted that Sexy Star left the building shortly after the incident. Vampiro, who is a key figure in AAA, told Sexy Star to come back to the venue and apologized to Rosemary. It was also reported by Dave Meltzer that GFW boss Jeff Jarrett was backstage at the show as well and he was furious about it too. A lot of people were.

Here’s a video of the finish of the match along with the post match attack by Sexy Star where she relentlessly held onto the armbar. You could hear Rosemary screaming in pain a bit. It is selling, but it was also legitimate pain.

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