Shane McMahon’s Most Ridiculous Career Highlights, From A To Z

Shane McMahon did some Shane McMahon stuff last weekend. Since the Smackdown Live Commissioner is out recovering from injuries and we’re all still out here sort of reeling from Hell in a Cell, we wanted to give you a compendium of Shane’s greatest moments.

But since we’re really letting our hair down this week, we’re using the alphabet to guide us. That’s right, With Spandex Universe, an A-Z guide to Shane McMahon’s mostly killer no filler career with the WWE. Enjoy.

A is for A.J. Styles. Shane and AJ opened WrestleMania 33 in Orlando. Shane’s shooting star press didn’t connect, but it looked damn good. Shoutout to the powers that be for putting this match first on the main card.

B is for Backlash. Shane jumped off the damn Titantron on to the damn Big Show and damn near scared everyone half to death.

C is for Coast to Coast. The second single off the Shane McMahon album is the Coast to Coast. It doesn’t look like he should be able to do it, but holy sh*t does he stick it every single time.

D is for DiBiase Jr. Shane has competed in the same ring against (Legacy Era) Ted DiBiase Jr. more than you think. It was mostly in tag team matches but the feud lasted around 8 months. After the Shane McMahon handicap tag (Shane vs. Orton, Rhodes, and DiBiase), we didn’t see him back in the ring until his WrestleMania bout with The Undertaker.

E is for European Champion. He won the belt on Monday Night Raw in 1999 and never formally lost it. When Mideon found it a few months later he just … became champion. Here’s hoping Shane brings the belt back one day and claims a long-ass title reign. Then Pete Dunne and Shane do some work.

F is for Flying Elbow Drop Through the Announce Table. This is Shane’s Blooming Onion. His Big Mac, his Whopper, his Frosty. If you ever find yourself getting sick of Shane’s flying elbow drop then take a break from wrestling and come back when you’re feeling like you wanna have fun again.

G is for Glass. Kurt Angle once threw Shane McMahon through some glass. It didn’t work the first time, but later it did.

H is for Sunday Night Heat. Fun fact: Shane McMahon did commentary on Sunday Night Heat for a little bit and most people think he was extremely bad at it.

I is for Insurrextion 2000. Shane McMahon found himself in a triple threat match against brother-in-law HHH and The Rock where he took the pin and The Rock kept the belt.

J is for January 15th, 1970. For on this day Shane was born, likely playing jump rope with his own umbilical cord.

K is for Kendo Stick. One time Steve Blackman hit Shane McMahon in the back with a kendo stick and then Shane limped up, let go, and dropped down.

L is for Ladder. Remember that time Shawn Michaels superplexed Shane through two tables from a ladder? Shame on us for losing this memory.

M is for Mean Street Posse. One of Shane’s first major stunts was that time he sprinted up a cage like Street Fighter II Vega and rushed a cross body onto the Mean Street Posse.

N is for Nobody Home. Shane McMahon has mostly landed on his back for the craziest of his stunts. The Undertaker elbow, The Kevin Owens elbow, a good portion of his flying elbows. Nobody home, Shane O’Mac.

O is for No Way Out. In 2009 Shane wanted to keep Randy Orton from competing in WrestleMania, so they had a No Holds Barred Match at No Way Out.

P is for Pin. The very first pinfall victory for Shane McMahon in a wrestling match was way back in 1999.

Q is for Quick Three-Count. In honor of all the times Shane was the beneficiary or cause of a quick three count, here’s a time lapse video of Shane’s special SummerSlam referee shirt being made.

R is for Rollerball. Shane had a cameo in a movie about Rollerball (not a real sport) that most people think was not very good.

S is for Shock. Remember this?

T is for Test. Shane fought Test in a Street Fight at SummerSlam once and it’s a strange snapshot from that era. If you’re up for a weird trip down memory lane pull up a seat:

U is for Undertaker. Shane McMahon fought the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32 in 2016 and since we’ve all seen the spot from the top of the Cell so much, here’s a video from the build of the program, where Shane punched the Dead Man in his dead stomach a whole bunch.

V is for Vince McMahon. Shane fought his dad at WrestleMania X-Seven in Houston in a dream match for people who dream about weird stuff. Shane came out to Vince’s music, which is awkward in hindsight, and before the match, he pointed out his WCW fam chilling in a suite, which was awkward even at the time.

W is for WCW. I know none of us are truly over the botched Invasion storyline, but it bears mentioning that Shane did (kayfabe) purchase WCW and that if Shane had (actually) purchased WCW the Invasion storyline would have been much, much cooler.

X is for X-Pac. Shane’s first-ever pay-per-view match was a victory over X-Pac, the same man he beat to win the European Title.

Y is for Y2J. On August 23rd, 2003 Shane McMahon faced off against Chris Jericho. Jim Ross said Shane was “tougher than a Waffle House steak” and, well, this happened 14 years ago.

Z is for Dudley BoyZ. The McMahon Father and Son team once took on the Dudley Boyz in a tag team table match on Monday Night Raw. Relevant because Shane took what I consider to be the most beautiful 3D of all time.