Every Possible Angle Of Shane McMahon’s Death-Defying Leap at Hell In A Cell

By now you’ve watched Shane McMahon jumping off the cage at last night’s WWE Hell in a Cell. You probably watched it on the Network last night, and most likely you’ve seen it online at least once today. Shane’s done this kind of thing before of course, but the added drama of a brawl with Kevin Owens atop the cell, as well as the surprise appearance of Sami Zayn to save Owens from Shane’s jump, made this occasion by far the more exciting of the two.

But even if you’ve already watched the official WWE footage of the jump, there are some other angles worth checking out. In this age of smart phone videos, Shane’s leap was captured from all over Detroit’s Little Caesars Arena. For example, here’s a video by Heel by Nature that puts two videos from very different angles side-by-side.

But the absolute best arena video I’ve seen is by Twitter user @N1vholas, who not only had great seats, he managed to catch the fall in slow motion:

Andrew Roth captured this spectacular still photo, in which Shane is caught stepping off the cage into the air.

For everyone who loves these stunts, or who’s trying to investigate the legitimacy of Shane McMahon’s reported injuries, here are many more angles on the jump, courtesy of social media:



And finally, here’s a video from Pro Wrestling Unlimited, which includes even more angles!

We won’t know the fallout of this match until at least Tuesday, and it reminds to be seen whether Shane McMahon will even be at Smackdown. But until we get to the fallout, we’ve got plenty of perspectives on the fall.