Watch Shane McMahon’s Latest Insane Stunt From Hell In A Cell

After jumping off the Hell in a Cell cage in his match with the Undertaker at WrestleMania 32, expectations were high for what Shane McMahon would do in his Hell in a Cell falls count anywhere match with Kevin Owens on Sunday. The result:

Owens and McMahon started the match outside of the cage, but eventually fought inside the structure and had the door locked behind them. Shane eventually used bolt cutters to escape the cage again, and Owens teased jumping off the cage onto Shane, but couldn’t do it. They fought to the top, and after a series of exchanges, Owens was knocked off the middle of the cage wall (about 10 feet up) through the announce table. Shane climbed back up to drop an elbow on Owens and finish him off, but at the last second, Sami Zayn — yes, Sami Zayn — pulled Owens off the table. Shane crashed and burned, and Zayn pulled Owens onto him for the three.

The last time Shane had a major stunt like this he showed up on television the next night with bruises on his face and ended up in charge of Monday Night Raw. Between that and surviving helicopter crashes, it’s hard to say what would actually put Shane McMahon down and keep him there.

As a bonus, here are a few additional GIFs from the match, including the slow motion replay of Shane’s trademark Missed Shooting Star Press: