Picking The Ideal 2018 Opponents For Shane McMahon

Christian Long

Shane McMahon is a part of our wrestling lives, love it or hate it. And even though he turns 48 years old on Monday, Shane is going to get in the ring again in 2018, for better or worse. You know it to be true.

It’ll be hard to top the Cell jumps, the coast-to-coasts, the 50-foot falls — but then again, we’ve been saying that about every Shane McMahon match for years. Shane continues to bring it though, like he always has.

On one hand, it seems like asking Shane-O-Mac to keep doing Shane-O-Mac things is a terrible idea. But on the other hand, Shane put on quality matches in 2017 against your favorite wrestlers AJ Styles and Kevin Owens. So boy is your face red. (Not as red as Shane’s, but red nonetheless.)

If (when) Shane suits up for a big 2018 program, who are the most perfect candidates for that in-ring showdown? Declan, Kenny, and Rogan (Shane’s three sons) are at least 10 or so WrestleManias away from the inevitable WrestleMania 2000 re-run of “A McMahon in Every Corner,” so let’s run down some other options of matches we might actually want to see (and that might actually be pretty good).

Triple H

It’s the one that we’re all expecting to happen, the one that will have a hard time living up to the hype. It happened once before, but obviously a 2018 remake would see much higher stakes. If done right, the emotional intensity of this match would likely replace the crazy Shane spot we’ve grown accustomed to. Stephanie would also most likely factor into this somewhere.

If you’re sick of storylines involving power struggles, then welcome to the party! Pour yourself a drink, because we’ll be here for a while. (We will be here forever.)

Sami Zayn

WWE Smackdown Live

If McMahon can have a PPV main event match against Kevin Owens, then why not against Sami Zayn? Sami would certainly pull a great match out of Shane, and it would be sort of unusual for Shane to face someone who is kind of the same size as him.

Maybe we could see a more vicious, diabolical side of Zayn? What if Sami was responsible for the most gruesome Shane McMahon spot of all time? I’m not sure how to top Hell in a Cell but, again, don’t count out McMahon’s creativity here.

Jason Jordan


This might be more of a futures bet for Survivor Series if the pay-per-view event continues to go the way of Bragging Rights. The Chairman’s son vs. the Raw General Manager’s son is certainly an interesting matchup on paper.

Shane’s versatility is one of his strengths — it’s rad to see him go up against the greats, because we know he has to work extra hard to have a chance (Undertaker, AJ Styles). It’s also pretty fun to watch him give mid-carders the most high profile match of their career (Steve Blackman, Test).

Who would you like to see Shane face in 2018? Before you fill up the comments with various forms of “nobody”, walk away from the laptop and look in the mirror. Tell yourself how you know he’s getting in the ring with somebody. Walk back to your laptop, click the comments box and give us your best ideas. Come on, you’ll like it.