Shawn Michaels Believes Today’s Wrestlers Are Too Resistant To Change

Contributing Writer
06.23.17 17 Comments


Shawn Michaels has been working at the WWE Performance Center a lot as of late. Although he told us prior to WrestleMania that his official job title hasn’t exactly been nailed down as of yet, he’s been helping to develop the next generation of stars on NXT and eventually on the main roster.

It seems as though he’s running into some challenges, however, because he’s finding the younger stars to be (in his experience) reluctant to adapt and evolve as characters and performers.

When he recently appeared on Edge and Christian’s podcast, Michaels talked about how he had to evolve and change as a performer in order to achieve success, but he doesn’t see a lot of willingness to do that among the current generation of wrestlers. (Transcript via the Wrestling Observer.)

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