Sheamus Revealed He’s Been Dealing With A Neck Injury For Months

On Monday Night Raw this week, commentary mentioned that Sheamus was “on sabbatical in Ireland,” which is why Cesaro had a solo match against Seth Rollins, whose tag team partner Dean Ambrose is also off television, honeymooning with Renee Young.

With other WWE Superstars taking time off for movie reasons, nobody was completely sure what the Celtic Warrior, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Out of the Shadows star and Rick and Morty superfan might actually be up to.

It turns out, however, that he really is on sabbatical in Ireland. And as he revealed in a new video on his personal YouTube channel, he’s also working to recover from spinal stenosis in his neck. “Training and all is great,” says Sheamus in the video, “But you need to recover. The most important thing is recovery. For the last six months I’ve been dealing with serious stenosis — neck issues.”

In more adorable news, the video also introduces a pet chameleon called My Name Is Jeff, who apparently helps Sheamus design his ring gear.

Most of the video is an endorsement for a product called, rather aptly, the Neck Hammock, which Sheamus is using to facilitate his recovery. He demonstrates how it’s used, and says that doing it for 20 minutes a day is helping him heal. Whether his neck issues will affect how long his sabbatical lasts is unknown, but we wish the Celtic Warrior (and My Name Is Jeff) all the best.