WWE Superstar Sheamus Now Has A Donut Named After Him

Senior Editor, Sports
05.10.17 3 Comments


Sheamus has never gotten the respect he deserves, and probably never will. He’s been saddled with bad storylines and unenviable positions throughout his career, and while he’s been revitalized by his tag team with Cesaro, he’ll probably never attain the appropriate level of stature in fans’ eyes. Maybe in retrospect he’ll finally get his due.

Anyway! While he doesn’t receive a lot of accolades from fans (and he’s only won four Slammys over the course of his career, which is basically the WWE equivalent of Susan Lucci’s first 18 years being nominated for an Emmy), one company is giving the guy some props by naming a donut after him.

Now, in keeping with his status as a premium beefboy, it is a protein donut, so it’s not likely to be as tasty as the only donut Finn Bálor ever ate, but it could be worse!

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