Shelton Benjamin Has Officially Been Cleared To Return To WWE

Back in August, WWE began airing promos on Smackdown Live advertising the return of Shelton Benjamin. Benjamin was primed and ready to come back to the company after a six-year absence, but, sadly, suffered a torn rotator cuff before he was able to debut for the brand. In November, Benjamin reiterated that he was committed to rehabbing his shoulder and making it back, but it would still be an estimated 4-6 month timeframe before he could return to action.

Now, a few days shy of WrestleMania 33, the 41-year old announced that he’s ready to make his official return after nine months of recovery:

The announcement has lead to many speculating that American Alpha’s inclusion in the Andre the Giant Memorial Battle Royal instead of a tag title match is to facilitate a match between those precious suplex babies and Benjamin with the ghost of Kurt Angle. However he ends up coming back, it will be nice to see him get an actual return, as he had to undergo surgery before he could even make it to WWE television. And if that rumor is true, Brock Lesnar’s gonna be ousted as the mayor of Suplex City. And if not, there’s still plenty of room for him on Team Blue.