Shinsuke Nakamura Is Off Smackdown After Being Bitten By A Police Dog

Pro Wrestling Editor
06.26.18 24 Comments

WWE Smackdown Live

Shinsuke Nakamura challenging Jeff Hardy for the United States Championship was the focal point of Tuesday night’s Smackdown Live promotion, but on Tuesday afternoon the company put out a video announcing that Shinsuke had suffered an injury, and wouldn’t be able to compete. Hardy issued an open challenge to find a replacement opponent.

WWE didn’t go into detail on exactly what Nakamura’s injury was, however, and you wouldn’t have guessed it if I’d given you a hundred tries. According to Dave Meltzer over at the Wrestling Observer, Nakamura was pulled from Smackdown and is uncertain for upcoming Japanese house shows because he was bitten in the leg by a police dog in Bakersfield.

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