Stephanie McMahon Once Made A School Friend Punch Her In The Face

If you’ve ever heard Xavier Woods talk, you probably know about UpUpDownDown, his extremely entertaining YouTube channel dedicated to video games, wrestlers playing video games, and people occasionally eating cake off the ground. Well, this week, UpUpDownDown hit a very important milestone, as they passed one million subscribers.

To celebrate, Woods invited none other than the boss lady herself, Stephanie McMahon, to come on the show and play Streets of Rage 2 with him. If you’re like me, you imagine that Stephanie has never played a video game before. Or seen one. But she didn’t do too terribly badly, and explained that her button-mashing strategy goes way back.

Right as they began playing, Stephanie revealed that her brother, Shane, used to keep a hammer by his Nintendo. Because when he got frustrated with a game, he would hit the Nintendo with a hammer. RICH KID PROBLEMS. But a moment later, Woods joked that Stephanie probably doesn’t get into a lot of Streets of Rage-style street fights, and she agreed … BUT had a heck of a story to follow that up.

“In the mean streets of Greenwich? No, I must say, I haven’t [gotten into a lot of fights]. Although I will tell you a story of myself.

So I was in — I don’t know, middle school — and I dared a girl to punch me in the face. Because I was stupid. It tends to run in my family, I think. And she did. And she hit me in the nose pretty hard. And I realized right in that moment – and I couldn’t do anything back, because I dared her to do it. It was such a foolish thing. I just thought to myself, ‘God, that was so stupid. Why did you do that?’ And I can’t answer it.

But I definitely learned what it felt like to get punched in the face. And I learned that I didn’t want to get punched in the face again. That is not a good feeling.”

Noted! Thanks to Stephanie for sharing these stories, and of course thanks to Xavier Woods for roping Stephanie McMahon into playing a beat-’em-up side-scroller. You’re doing great work over there.