Stephanie McMahon Is Being Trained To Punch Ronda Rousey By A Former MMA Fighter


Who better to train Stephanie McMahon to survive that patented Ronda Rousey blitz and armbar combo than an MMA fighter? Steph has just a few weeks left before she’s set to face off against Rousey and Kurt Angle with Triple H by her side at WrestleMania 34 on April 8th. And according to some photos that just popped up on social media, she’s doing some extra prep work en route to the squared circle for this one. In her corner: former MMA fighter and infamous Kimbo Slice beater Seth Petruzelli.

Petruzelli is best known for being a last-second replacement to fight Kimbo Slice back in 2008 after Ken Shamrock suspiciously backed due to a cut after demanding more money on the day of the fight. The revelation that promotion EliteXC offered Petruzelli a financial incentive to stand and swing with Slice led to EliteXC’s demise. Petruzelli retired from MMA in 2013 and has been helping WWE stars tighten up their striking at the Performance Center since 2015.

The implication here is that he’ll be doing the same for McMahon, which could lead to Steph punching Ronda right in the face … her kryptonite, as we learned in her last two UFC fights. With WWE being famous for mixing fantasy and real life into a delicious slurry for fans to consume, we wouldn’t be surprised if Stephanie starts bringing up those losses to try and psych Ronda out.

Rousey has already been featured in some WWE videos mentioning the defeats and saying she felt like ‘God hated her’ over them. We have no doubt this is just leading us to an even more heated rivalry with the McMahon clan as we’re down to the final bit of road to WrestleMania.