Stephen Amell Cut A Wrestling Promo As Arrow, Is Still Doing ‘Some Stuff’ With WWE

Arrow star Stephen Amell is a big pro-wrestling fan, and plans have been brewing behind the scenes for a while for some sort of collaboration with WWE. Originally, it seemed that the plan was to have Amell work a match with Stardust, possibly at SummerSlam, although the death of Dusty Rhodes and a likely repackaging for Cody Rhodes means that match is off. Just because the Stardust match has been scuttled doesn’t mean Amell is done with WWE, though: This weekend at Comic-Con, we got several confirmations that Amell and WWE are still working together, and even a hint at who he may be feuding with now.

First up, Amell outright confirmed in an interview that he’s still probably doing something with WWE, even though the Stardust thing fell through.

“I’m not not gonna wrestle Stardust at SummerSlam. I’m probably gonna do some stuff with the WWE. I don’t know if that means a wrestling match. We’ll see.”

Also at Comic-Con, Amell did an in-character “WWE-style” promo as his character Arrow. You can check out Amell’s mic skillz at the top of this post. Interestingly, Amell’s promo got a response from The Miz

Well, if Amell isn’t going to be feuding with Stardust, an actor vs. actor feud with The Miz sounds like the most logical replacement. Considering how entertaining The Miz has been lately, and the fact that Amell is a pretty funny guy himself, this could actually be a lot of fun.

(Via Wrestling Inc.)