Steve Austin Had Words With Brian Pillman’s Son About His Kiddie Pool

02.19.18 1 year ago 4 Comments

One of the most memorable angles of WWE’s Attitude Era came actually came about a year before WWE started using “attitude” as a branding slogan. On Nov. 4, 1996, Stone Cold Steve Austin invaded the home of an injured Brian Pillman, who was lying in wait with a loaded handgun, and chaos, as it often did in regards to Austin, ensued. You can read Brandon Stroud’s excellent recap of the whole angle here, and if you’ve somehow never seen it before, just click “play” below:

Now, more than two decades later, Pillman’s son, Brian Pillman Jr. — a pro wrestler in his own right — is coming, and he’s got receipts.

It all started on Twitter (because of course it did) when Pillman Jr. was asked about that fateful night — and specifically, that kiddie pool Austin used to try and drown one of his dad’s friends. Even though Pillman Jr. would’ve been around three years old at the time of Austin’s home invasion, he clearly still had painful memories of his cherished turtle pool meeting its maker:

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