All The Superstar Shake-Up Moves From WWE Smackdown Live

Tuesday night’s episode of Smackdown Live was the second and — we hope — final night of the Superstar Shake-Up, which is what millennials are calling the Draft these days. Monday’s Raw featured about a dozen roster moves, so we were adequately prepared for nearly as many on Tuesday.

Smackdown Live opened with Kevin Owens staking his claim to Smackdown as his new show, and saying there was no one in the back who can hang with him. Of course, several challengers emerged, including Owens’ eternal nemesis Sami Zayn, who also made the leap to the blue brand.

Moves continued to happen throughout the night, both on the air and via Twitter, although the star power was considerably less than Raw received on Monday. The biggest shake-up was to the women’s division, and the changes there were announced in a special segment that WWE referred to as Shane McMahon’s state of the women’s division address. He introduced the returning Tamina, as well as Charlotte Flair. Two women for two women! A pretty fair swap, if you ask me.

Here is the full list of moves from Tuesday:

  • Kevin Owens to Smackdown
  • Sami Zayn to Smackdown
  • Jinder Mahal to Smackdown
  • The Shining Stars to Smackdown
  • Tamina to Smackdown
  • Charlotte Flair to Smackdown
  • Sin Cara to Smackdown
  • Rusev to Smackdown
  • Lana to Smackdown
  • The New Day to Smackdown