Here’s Every Superstar Confirmed Or Rumored To Be Returning For SmackDown 1000

10.08.18 9 months ago 11 Comments


WWE loves nostalgia, and they love their big anniversary shows. The next big one coming up is Smackdown 1000, the thousandth episode of Smackdown Live, which airs on USA in its regular time slot on October 16, a week from tomorrow. Naturally, lots of Smackdown Superstars are returning for the big event, and there are even more rumors about other, perhaps bigger, returns.

The big one that we’ve been anticipating for most of this year is Rey Mysterio, who WWE has now confirmed will be a part of the show. Their announcement is vague about whether he’s sticking around afterward, but considering the widespread and persistent rumors that he was returning to WWE that have permeated since his appearance at the Royal Rumble in January, it’ll be surprising if he doesn’t hang out for a while.

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