Dylan Postl (AKA Swoggle) Tells Us Why WWE’s Drug Testing Is Ruining Tinder For Him

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Dylan Postl

Dylan Postl, better known to the world for his decade-long tenure in WWE as Hornswoggle, is currently all over the indie scene wrestling as Swoggle. He was booked several times over WrestleMania weekend, and is also running his own Midwest promotion, ACW Wisconsin.

Prior to the most recent PCW Ultra show in Wilmington, Calif., we sat down with Postl and talked about … well, pretty much everything. You can find the entire conversation on this week’s McMahonsplaining, the With Spandex Podcast. This is just an except.

WITH SPANDEX: Did you feel slighted at all that you were included in the 205 Live Cruiserweight title tournament?

Swoggle: I get asked that so much. I think they think like, “Oh, he’s definitely not 205 pounds or less right now.” I mean, it’s not close, but I can see why they’d say that. No, and I wish they would have made mention in some way.

For anyone who doesn’t know, you were the final Cruiserweight Champion until they brought it back.

Yeah. And they never did anything with it, ever. And I just want that real title [belt] they never gave me, ’cause they always said, “We’re gonna bring it back.” I said, “No, you’re not. You’re not gonna do that.” I just want the real one.

You should ask them now, now that they’ve proven that they’re not bringing that belt back.

I’ll just have someone in the warehouse steal it. They got me a replica and it’s … I got my name plate, which is pretty awesome. They did give me that, which is pretty cool.

I’m sad that you didn’t get those customized side plates that they have now.

Those are insane. And they have them instantly done. And they’ll put the WWE logo [on the side] if they don’t have them [already made], but the next week they’re done. It’s crazy.

That was why I was convinced they weren’t going to change the name of the Moolah, because they’d already had the trophy made, probably. And my thought was like, “We already have the trophy made.” But they did change the name, and now they have to get a new trophy made.

It’s very odd to me. Who cares? I mean, people care, I get it. But five years ago even people wouldn’t have cared. It’s just so crazy to me. And then they changed the whole thing because of it. It’s nuts to me. I just don’t understand stuff like that.

But if you were gonna name it, would you name it after Moolah? Or who would you name it after?

I said it to a couple friends of mine that I still talk to very well, [Curt] Hawkins and Tyson Kidd. A couple months ago I said, “Girls Battle Royal this year I bet, the Fabulous Moolah.” And they go, “Oh. Well.” And there were announcers there. I was like, “Oh. I guessed something.”

They took your idea.

In 10 years they didn’t take one idea of mine.

When people meet you at shows like PCW Ultra, what are the things they talk to you about?

Top three: WeeLC, DX, Vince’s son. And how much of a coke bender did you go on to get suspended? No, that’s actually never brought up.

So, how much of a coke bender did you go on to get suspended?

I say it all the time. That’s the one thing I’m sour about is how they all handled that, just [me] not being able to piss, and how they handled the whole situation. But it’s in the past. I’ve moved far on from that. I just hated like … I had a Tinder date one time, and after that she looked me up; she Googled me. And it was of the first things that came up. And I was like … She goes, “Oh, you like doing like … You a big drug guy?” I go, “No. I just couldn’t piss.” She goes, “Oh, okay.” I was like, “I legitimately couldn’t piss.” So, that’s what it’s … It’s ruining Tinder for me. Essentially, WWE’s drug testing is ruining Tinder for me. That’s the headline.

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