WWE Hall Of Famer Sunny Has Officially Signed On To Make An Adult Film, And It’s Already Done

Tammy “Sunny” Sytch’s heyday was in the ’90s, but her fame still remains somewhat intact. That’s an astounding fact considering the now older, former WWE personality went on a racist rampage this week on Twitter. Sunny also was trying to sell her Hall of Fame ring — which she received in 2011 — on eBay, citing on TMZ Sports that it was solely out of the necessity to pry herself way from her wrestling roots.

Well, it wasn’t long after she placed the ring for sale that she was contacted by Steve Hirsch, the head honcho of porn company Vivid Entertainment. Hirsch offered to buy the ring to the tune of $100,000, as long as she bared her goods in a porn. Sunny claimed that the offer wasn’t enough, but all negotiations have seemingly ended because they reached an agreement, and her 90-minute porn feature is on sale right now. There’s not much in the description for Sunny Side Up: In Through the Backdoor that we can reprint, but here’s a glimpse:

Months in the making, the girl who told TMZ she wanted to show her real talents between the sheets instead of in the ring, Tammy does it all in three scorching, hard, penetrating scenes…

There’s also a mention of “tag teaming” in the description, and for some reason, I get the notion that it has nothing to do with The Killer Bees or Strike Force.

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