Team Hell No Will Reunite To Raise Money For Kane’s Mayoral Campaign

Friends, let’s climb into the WWE Time Machine for a brief moment. The dates: September 2012 to June 2013. The places: WWE rings across the globe. The participants: Daniel Bryan and Kane, better known to fans everywhere as Team Hell No. The pair of former world champions created one of the most memorable tag teams in WWE history for nine all-too-brief months, holding the Tag Team Championships for the bulk of that time (and even successfully defending them at WrestleMania 29).

While Bryan and Kane feuded for a time after that, it seems more and more unlikely we’ll ever see a Team Hell No reunion in the ring. Bryan is currently the Smackdown Live GM, and Kane — well, Kane is running for mayor of Knox County, Tennessee. Seriously. And it’s actually Glenn Jacobs’ political ambitions that are getting Team Hell No back for one night only, albeit outside of a wrestling ring.

On Thursday, October 5, Jacobs’ mayoral campaign is throwing an event called Yes, Yes, Yes-Fest at Hunter Valley Farm in Knoxville, Tennessee, where for a mere $25, you can be in the same room as Kane and Daniel Bryan and tell them up close and personal how you voted for the name Team Friendship on the WWE App and how your wife even bought the Team Friendship T-shirt from Hot Topic and while, yes, Team Hell No was admittedly a clever name based on each character’s individual backstories, Team Friendship would’ve set a much better example for the youngest members of the WWE Universe to learn from and — you know what, I just realized I’m projecting. (My therapist told me I do this sometimes. Sorry.)

Anyway! Tickets to Yes, Yes, Yes-Fest can be purchased here (kids 12 and under are free), and all the money goes to benefit Glenn Jacobs for Knox County Mayor. So if you’re either a big fan of 7-foot-tall Libertarians or if you’re able to check your politics at the door (which DBry very likely is, given his public endorsement of the Green Party’s Jill Stein for President last year), enjoy the show. And if you can’t make it, let’s relive the greatest hug in the history of WWE: