The Rock Just Leaked What Character He’ll Play In The DC Cinematic Universe

While it’s not the role he was arguably born for, Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is still getting in on the superhero action. In fact, he may have more or less given away the whole game in a new interview.

The clip, posted by TotalFilm, is pretty much all but a direct announcement that he’s playing Shazam! The full clip is actually incredibly charming not least because he’s thought about this a lot and lays out very intelligently why he can’t just jump into any role DC throws at him. He is, after all, who he is; it’s not like they can put him in a Robin costume.

Still, yeah, Shazam! makes a lot of sense. You need somebody who can fill a room and play off kids, and the Rock can do both. This does, however, raise a few questions about timing, since supposedly Shazam! will be arriving in 2016. Expect more from this at San Diego Comic-Con.