The Rock Sang ‘You’re Welcome’ To A Tiny Fan And Got Zero Reaction

It seems strange to think about, but sometimes even The Rock has trouble getting a reaction from people. Maybe this is just the bleak life that Dwayne Johnson has to look forward to, now that he’s no longer the Sexiest Man Alive. Sad!

Anyway, while Johnson may not exactly be John Cena when it comes to doing charity work (because no one is; Cena laps the field several times over), he’s often spotted doing some really cool things for some really cool people. Like hugging heroic kids on movie sets, or performing impromptu serenades for fans.

Well, I am happy to inform you that our hero is at it again. While still filming on the set of Skyscraper, Johnson popped in to serenade a five-year-old fan, whose Make-A-Wish request was to meet Maui from Moana. Not only did Johnson don a Maui wig (although the camo fatigues he was wearing weren’t exactly canon), he treated little Ty to his signature billion-watt grin AND a full verse of “You’re Welcome.” And for his troubles … he got absolutely no response.

That’s just cold, Ty. Cold as ice. Especially leaving the Rock hanging on a high-five like that. Johnson insists Ty lost his mind the instant he left, but of course THAT wasn’t captured on video.

“Always happens like this, even though Ty remained in shock and didn’t say a word the whole time, the moment I walked away to go back to work, little Ty was SO EXCITED and would NOT STOP TALKING about how he met his best friend MAUI. I’m also pretty sure he even said how Maui was waaaaayyy better looking and talented in person. Hey if Ty’s happy, then Maui’s happy.”

Better luck next time, Rock. You haven’t had this negative a reaction to an impromptu concert in … about 14 years.