Watch The Rock Mess With Fans Dressed As WWE Legends On Raw

If you managed to miss it, The Rock returned to WWE Raw to officially kick off the Road to WrestleMania. Rock is scheduled to be at WrestleMania 32, but before that, he has a special task: get distracted at the beginning of his return promo by a guy in the crowd cosplaying as Macho Man Randy Savage and derail the entire thing by wandering out to the front row and chatting with them.

Rock meets a couple of “stars” he’s had high profile matches with — The Undertaker and Hulk Hogan, who confirms the quality of weed in Miami — and then meets … well, himself. After that, it’s time to talk to Savage, the guy notable enough to have distracted the entire crowd earlier in the night and get moved to camera side so nobody would see him. Funny how that worked out.

I don’t want to pitch WWE Network shows, but I’d love a show where a possibly-tripping Rock goes to comic conventions, finds people dressed as wrestlers and gets weird to them about it. It’d be worth it just to see the looks on peoples’ faces when they’re suddenly in a conversation with The Rock.

My only regret is that none of those guys was dressed as CM Punk.

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