The Rock Continued His Father Of The Year Campaign By Dressing As Pikachu For Halloween

Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson is the best. Everybody knows that. But nobody may know better than his two daughters, and one of them got the treat of a lifetime on Halloween with a surprise that should win him some sort of championship belt for fatherhood.

Rock’s infant daughter Jasmine may be less than a year old, but she’s old enough to have grown to really enjoy the sight of everybody’s favorite original Pokemon, Pikachu. The average parent sees their tiny child has taken a liking to a certain character and lets them be that character for Halloween, but the Rock is a little different.

“Me and (Lauren) decided the real life Pikachu was gonna come to the house for a visit,” Johnson said on an adorable Instagram post where he stuffed his gigantic 6’5 frame into a Pikachu costume, much to Jasmine’s delight.

But as any parent will tell you, kids are unpredictable, so of course Jasmine cried at the sight of the costume, except for when her dad — well, Pikachu — busted out his best “Juju On That Beat” routine. The Rock is no Joel Embiid, but he was just good enough to get his baby to stop crying whenever he Juju’d on that beat. Oh, and he mimed a book to her.

We should probably go ahead and etch Rock’s name into the Dad of the Year trophy already. It’ll look good on the mantle next to all his other awards, whether it’s his Teen Choice Award for Choice Sleezebag from 2001 (The Mummy Returns) or any of the hardware the future WWE Hall of Fame inductee took home during his wrestling days.