Joel Embiid Stopped Practice To Throw Down An Impeccable ‘Juju On That Beat’ Before A Windmill Dunk

Joel Embiid is a treasure. The Sixers big man will finally be making his actual NBA debut next week and with his mastery of social media, he could vault himself into the internet’s most enjoyable NBA player simply by existing and playing sometimes. He’s adorable, hilarious and a ferocious talent all at once.

His latest display of endearing internetting came at a Sixers open practice Wednesday afternoon, when he halted practice for a few seconds to throw down an impeccable “Juju on That Beat.” Yeah, the dance craze created by 15-year-old Zay Hilfiger in support of his infectious hit “TZ Anthem” that all the kids are doing on Vine and Instagram naturally made it’s way to the NBA, and of course Joel has it down pat.

There he is in all his youthful exuberance, with his practice jersey around his neck like a cape shooting around with Jerami Grant when he suddenly breaks out into dance. He’s got it all down, the Running Man, the Hit Dem Folks and of course, the Juju. At one point, Joel even tosses his basketball aside so he can get the dance just right, much to the crowd’s delight. Eventually, he wraps things up with a nice windmill dunk and the crowd erupts. See, Embiid is just like one of those Vine kids, except he’s 22-years-old and gigantic.

One thing is for sure, Joel’s Juju was leaps and bounds better than Kelly Ripa’s. Check out another angle below.