The Rock Stopped By ESPN’s ‘Numbers Never Lie’ To Talk ‘Hercules’ And His Diet

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07.16.14 4 Comments
The Rock on NNL


Numbers Never Lie hosts Jemele Hill and the finger-locked Michel Smith recently conducted an action hero draft, and neither one of them thought to select any of Dwayne “The Rock” Johnson’s characters. Instead, Hill kept things relevant with Chuck Norris while Smith picked Robert Downey Jr.’s character from Tropic Thunder, and I’m sure that the show’s fans loved every second of it. But Johnson took the snubbing in stride yesterday when he stopped by the show to promote his new film, Hercules, and he very rightfully busted Smith’s balls for not picking Beck from The Rundown, which was an underrated film with a very underrated performance.

Among many topics, Johnson talked about his injury from his match against John Cena at Wrestlemania 29, and listening to anyone use the words “tearing” and “pelvis” in the same sentence is enough to make my grown ass faint. Hill also posed an interesting question to Johnson the Thespian, asking if he’d ever consider taking on a role that would require him to gain weight and look like a fatass, and his answer was at least convincing.

Ever wonder why the Rock only follows Muhammad Ali on Twitter? It’s probably because he really admires and idolizes him, but let’s allow him to tell us what it meant to his “rookie year” in the WWE and the development of the People’s Champion.

Unfortunately, there was no mention of this old photo of Johnson, as it has taken over Twitter in the last 24 hours and needs to be addressed immediately.

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