The Best Wrestler From Every State In The Union, Part 5: Land Of 10,000 Wrestlers

Welcome to the fifth installment of our recurring feature, where we will attempt to identify the very best professional wrestler ever to come out of every state in the union. (And the District of Columbia as well; why the hell not?) As you’ll soon see, some of these decisions will be clear no-brainers, while others will be much more difficult. By the time we get to the end of the road, you’ll be seeing just how difficult it is to declare one pro wrestler the ultimate representative for a given birth state.

There’s a lot of criteria, as you can imagine, that goes into determining what constitutes the “best” wrestler from each state. It’s about popularity, notoriety, the performer’s place in wrestling history, and of course, all of the intangibles. Ultimately, “best” is a subjective opinion in most cases, but we attempted to look at every wrestler’s career as a whole.

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And now, let’s get down with one of those monster states where we write nearly 3000 words but still had enough leftover to do a whole second article after we waded through all the Governors, Promoters and All-Timers in the North Star State.