The Young Bucks Want To Face Off With One Of NXT’s Most Popular Tag Teams

Oh, those Young Bucks. Matt and Nick Jackson have settled into a comfortable round-trip schedule between New Japan Pro Wrestling and Ring of Honor, but they’ve also got their finger on the pulse of what’s happening elsewhere. Look no further than NXT Takeover: The End for proof. After the dust settled, the biggest surprise of the night was arguably the tag team championships going back to The Revival. Jason Jordan and Chad Gable of American Alpha may soon have a trip to the main roster in store, but just in case we ever find ourselves in some timeline where that gets derailed, they’ve got another offer on the table.

Allow me to briefly speak for the pro wrestling world at large and give this a resounding “YES PLEASE.” I swear, between this and the Elite/New Day fantasy feud, the Bucks are amazing at setting up storylines that will absolutely never, ever happen.

I know they’re more than happy with the cushy ROH/NJPW deal they’ve got right now, but damn, stuff like this really makes me want to see them in WWE. A match with American Alpha would be the hottest of hot fire, any angle with The New Day would probably end up with a trombone getting superkicked to death, and after all that, there’s a certain Club they’d probably like to rejoin. It seems very unlikely that any of this will actually transpire, but NXT sort of prides itself on being a realm of impossibility. On a show where the cast includes Shinsuke Nakamura, Bobby Roode, and Paul Ellering, I’m just saying we shouldn’t count anything out.